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For offshore crypto and fintech businesses, we can assist with the creation of bespoke solutions for a range of issues, including:


Independent directors for your business. Whether for tax reasons or to ensure your business is completely managed offshore, we can assist with sourcing experienced and skilled directors.


With the growth of the use of Cayman Foundation Companies as offshore structures including DAOs, there is an increasing need for offshore supervisors. Whether individuals or corporate supervisors are required, we can assist.

Strategic Advisory Services

Good directors certainly help a business, but often the guidance that can be obtained from a panel of experts can revitalize a business or simply reinforce the commercial decisions being made by the operators of the business. We have a dedicated panel of experts who meet on a regular basis and online meetings can be arranged on a one-off or more regular basis.

AML Services

Whether it is the appointment of AML officers or the creation of an AML policies and procedures manual tailored for a crypto business, we have the staff and expertise to help.

Accounting Services

Cayman Islands laws requires all Cayman Islands companies, even those who don’t use fiat currencies, to ‘keep proper books of account’. In addition, BVI legislation has been introduced requiring all BVI entities to prepare and file certain business accounts on an annual basis. In either case, we can provide a cost effective and crypto friendly solution.

Multi-sig Wallets

Our experienced staff are able to set up multi-sig wallets as required and more importantly we can provide authorised signatories for these wallets. Indeed, where it is important to show independent or offshore control of the multi-sig wallet we can work with other third parties to ensure this is set up and documented correctly.

For all Cayman Islands entities, especially those operating within the jurisdiction, we can provide additional services:

Product / Service Assessment

We can liaise with clients on technical products or services recommended or provided by third parties and provide detailed feedback and viability on such products or services. An additional tool that can assist businesses in their due diligence on new clients, appointments or business relationships.

IT Internal Audits

The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority are rigorous in their requirement for regulated entities to carry out regular internal audits. We can assist with the IT aspect of such audits and can also work with other third party internal audit firms to produce comprehensive reports.

Cyber Security Training

No firm is better placed to know the risks involved in the crypto industry and therefore we are well placed to provide expert training in this area to you and your staff.

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